Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And we're in!

I just got the Internet in my house -- finally -- so have quite a few pictures and videos to post over the upcoming days. The parrots love it here! They have adapted really well and love exploring their new place. Here they are, at the apartment, ready to make the trip to their new home:
They were all a bit nervous, but since their cages stayed the same and we're all there together, they were just fine.

Here's a picture of each of them exploring.

Calypso walks around all the time, usually to find me.  Sometimes he's just investigating the house or looking for some excitement.  There is a giant mirror in the entryway that he will occasionally go to:
It took me a while to first find Max here!  She sometimes flies up to the second floor, but is more likely to be found on the rail heading up there:
Beeps like to fly to the mantel of the fireplace in the living room (where the parrots' cages are) and pace in front of the mirror.  I've since put some things there, so he's taken to flying into the dining room instead.  Videos and pictures of that soon -- I think the dining room is the caiques' favorite room in the house!