Friday, March 16, 2012

Rocky at the rescue

I was up at the rescue yesterday. Rocky was sitting on the lap of one of the volunteers when I pulled up. I'm not sure if he knew the sound of my car, or if he could see me through the distant window from the volunteer's lap, but I was sitting inside my car, window rolled down, when I suddenly heard that most distinctive of scream!

He saw me/knew I was there and started screaming shortly after I pulled in. As soon as I entered the room, he calmed down and started talking, singing, etc.
He seemed really happy to see me, and we went through his repertoire of songs, clicks, clucks, etc.  When I went near him, he did threaten to bite me, but I believe that overall he was happy to see me.

He has been quite well-behaved at the rescue, stepping up for everyone (but me.)  I am hopeful that we will find a permanent home for him soon, though he doesn't seem to mind being at the rescue right now.  There is certainly a lot of activity for him to watch, and he is kept well-stocked in toys!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Max attempts to irritate Beeps

but luckily he does not rise to the bait!

I think she might be missing Stella and the teasing they used to do to each other.

Last week, I had Beeps in his cage since I was painting and he kept flying to my shoulder.  Calypso and Max were still out since they weren't flying to me.  But Max decided to try to cause some trouble, anyway.
Beeps appeared oblivious to Max, and he continued on his merry way:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another personal update

Things are going well on the personal front.  I have rented an apartment in a trendy part of town where lots of singles live.  It's also about 2 miles away from work (so I can take the bus and frequently walk home!) and very close to amazing running.  I have several friends who live less than half a mile away from my new place, so I am very excited about my upcoming life!

Perhaps the best part of my new apartment (pictures in a few weeks!) is that I am allowed, and it is big enough, for me to keep my three remaining parrots and my lizard!  So, Max, Calypso, Beeps, and Andreas will be staying with me.  (Thomas said he'd like to keep Max but he won't fight me for her.  I am keeping her!)  This is fantastic news as when Thomas broke the news about his infidelity, I feared the worst and thought I might need to rehome almost everyone.

It's a little over 100 years old, so it has gorgeous wood floors, built-in bookshelves, and lots of other charming accents.  I can't wait!

This past week, I completed my first original painting.  It was inspired by a picture that a friend took: trees silhouetted against a sunset.

First, I painted the sunset:
And then I added the trees:
I have no talent, but painting is so much fun!  I highly recommend it to everyone!  It is so peaceful to put paint to the canvas.  I put on some music or a lecture and I paint away.

The parrots are nearby on perches, watching me.

Max had recently taken a bath:
Since Max was on his cage, Beeps flew over to a stand:
Calypso was out, too, but I didn't take a picture of him.

I never would have thought that this is the turn my life would have taken, but I am looking at it as an opportunity to explore new interests, reconnect with friends and family, make new friends, and really live life to the fullest.  What other hobbies or interests might I pick up?  Who knows?

I can get into my new apartment on March 17.  I'm not sure when I will fully move in as I don't start my new job until April 16.  I know I keep saying this, but I plan to update the blog more regularly now that life is settling into a new routine.  I have a painting almost done that I hope to showcase tomorrow!

Playful Beeps

Beeps has been enjoying his time in the kitchen.  I absolutely love it when he sits in his rope swing:
When I let him out, he needs to either see me or be on me the vast majority of the time.  It's rather comical -- as soon as I leave the kitchen, I hear him flapping to come and find me.  The one exception is when he decides to go into the bathroom instead.

He plays on the top of the shower door:
And when he gets bored with that, he jumps to the shower head and goofs around a bit:
What a funny little guy!

Thirsty Max

Taking a drink of water out of my glass: