Friday, February 1, 2013


When our first family was still intact, Max and Calypso got along.  They certainly weren't friendly, but they never attacked each other.  Now that we're a smaller flock, that's changed.

Max has developed an animosity toward Calypso, as evidenced here:
I knew she wouldn't hurt him with me watching, which is why I took this video.  It just cracks me up how she tries to use tools (the hanging toy) to hit him.

As a single lady, this has become quite the challenge.  Max hates the caiques.  The caiques hate each other.  I am only one person!  It is very challenging to have them out at the same time.

I plan to buy a house in the next few months, and I'm hoping them to design a space that works for my parrots.


Suzanne said...

I am having the same issue between my Too and one of my dogs. Luckily the dog runs away but I have no illusions of what could/would happen if my Too cornered her.

What I have been attempting is rewarding both of them for ignoring the other. The dog also get rewarded for leaving the room when the Too gets off her perch. So far it's working with the dog but Too's are notoriously hard headed so it will take quite a bit of work with her.

Maybe you could implement something similar with Max and the others?

D. Richard said...

Hollywood has taken a great dislike to Stinker and I have to keep them in separate rooms . She will fly straight to Stinkers cage and grab her like a hawk grabs prey if I leave the door open . T think its a pecking order thing as she seems to have not done any damage on any occasion . That said I do make a distinct effort to keep them separate.

Suzanne , I read your blog and you write beautifully , I can actually picture the Too luering the dogs in close for a good nip.

Anonymous said...

I miss hearing about your flock. Hope you and the flock have found happiness.