Thursday, May 24, 2007

And research leads to...

We did what we thought was adequate research. Since none of our friends owned parrots and we didn't know about bird clubs or bird rescues, we visited local pet stores with parrots and did a lot of reading on the Internet. Knowing about the horrors of pet stores and dogs, we knew that we weren't going to buy our new parrot from a pet store, but we visited to get experience with the various birds.

After our research, we had narrowed it down to either a Hahn's macaw or a timneh african grey. We found a lovely breeder of timneh african grey parrots, and that sealed our decision!

We purchased Max, a timneh african grey parrot, but she was still too young to come home, so our breeder sent pictures of her on a semi-regular basis! The breeder lived about 6 hours away from us, so we were not able to meet our new parrot before picking her up.

Here are some of her pictures, and some with her sibling. In the one with Max's name on it, her breeder was trying to take a picture of her sibling, but Max had to get in front of the camera! The reason we chose Max instead of her sibling is that Max's breeder told us that Max was more inquisitive and we're always up for a challenge!

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