Thursday, April 5, 2012


Some unacceptable things that have happened in my new apartment:

Max on my breakfast table, chewing up my newspaper:
Max, drinking water out of Beeps's cage, while Beeps is still in his cage!  (They don't get along at all, and she was removed as soon as I took this picture):
I didn't have a table for the first couple of days, so I was eating breakfast on the floor.  The parrots were in their room.  I left for a short period of time, and found Calypso helping himself, and Max not far behind (she is at the top of this picture.)
And, not to leave me out of my unacceptable list: most of this stuff is now unpacked since it's been three weeks, but I still have more to go.  I need to get motivated!


D. Richard said...

Just taking advantage of the situation

Mary said...

They accepted there are new rules and they're adding to the list!

Beloved Parrot said...

Yes, there are new rules and they're all made by the parrots! said...

Hi Mary-
I wanted to send you a message about the blog entry I read about severe macaws (from 2009). I don't have a Severe, but I do have a Hahns...which I believe is the only other species of the "mini macaws". We had birds growing up--including a Blue & Gold and a Red Sided Eclectus and my grandmother had a cockatiel and 2 quakers. So, that being said...birds were not foreign to me. Once I graduated nursing school and got ready to move out on my own--I decided to get a Hahns macaw. She was 4 months old at the time and was as sweet and loving as any baby parrot is! She quickly learned to step up and started saying words by 6 months. She was great....until she turned about 6 (last September). This also happened to be the same time I got married and she had to share me with someone else for the first time. Let me also add that she did live with my parents for a couple of years when I was working 12 hour night shifts and was great with both of my parents handling her...but clearly still stayed bonded to me. She has been back living with me for about 2 years now. All of that to say this--she has turned into a MONSTER! She still loves me, never bites me, obeys my step-up commands, etc etc. She will go to my husband and doesn't bite him (usually)...but she also challenges him and attempts to attack him whenever he walks by her cage and she is inside. She has also started doing this to all of our guests. She now screams without ceasing anytime we have company over and I am home. If just my husband is here...we could have 100 people in the house and she wouldn't mind. As soon as I walk in the door she flips her lid and never stops. She has 2 cages--but one of them we typically only use for sleeping in at night. It's much smaller and we keep it in our master bedroom walk-in closet so she gets 12 hours of uninteruped sleep. Anyway, sometimes she gets so ridiculous that our guests would rather leave than listen to her. Sometimes I will move the sleeping cage into our bedroom and just put her in there with some music or tv until our guests leave. However, this isn't correcting the behavior. The bad part of all of this is that its just gotten REALLY bad over the last 3-4 months...and we are now expecting our first baby in a few weeks. I am 100% certain that this new addition to our family is going to send this problem soaring through the roof! I cry (hysterically) anytime my husband mentions re-homing her. But I'm almost certain that to keep my own sanity as well as the peace in my marriage--that may end up being my only option. Do you have ANY sort of advice for me? I've heard so many stories about re-homing them...and every single time I consider it, I feel like the worst person in the world. I love her to pieces--but I can't love her so much that I allow her to disrupt my marriage. My husband has had it. :( I didn't expect this message to be so long........clearly I'm pretty passionate about the subject. Haha.