Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have been entirely too remiss in updating my blog. I am really going to make an effort to do a much better job! I have been taking pictures and videos, so will try to get them up.

About three weeks ago, the parrots, Andreas, and I moved into an apartment closer to my new job.  I explained everything to them, but they weren't happy about having to go into their carriers.  They've now settled in to their new routines and are happy, so don't worry!

Stacked up, and ready to make the move:
Precariously stacked in the car; I moved them around after taking this picture to make them more secure.  Ideally, they would have been belted in, but I wasn't thinking clearly. 
Throughout the ride, we were whistling and I would put my finger in their carriers to give them scratches.  Calypso was the most needy.  He didn't want to let go of my finger, and held my hand for quite some time.  Then, he put both feet on my finger and was perched while still inside his carrier.  Poor guy; he really needed some reassurance. 

As soon as we got to the new apartment, I got them into their cages, so they could start exploring their new area:

An overview of their bedroom:
Max and Beeps to the right:
Andreas and Calypso to the left:
Things are going very well!  They enjoy their new place, and while they miss Thomas (well, Beeps and Max do), they are settling in to our new reality.  More to come!


Elizabeth said...

I like all the pictures of your apartment. It looks spacious with lots of light!

D. Richard said...

Looks great , How are the Hormones doing ? I would guess that with the changes that atleast for a while it would subside

Mary said...

So sweet about the ride over. It does look very light and spacious! Happy Easter to you and the kids!!

Anonymous said...

Is that an Austin Air cleaner I see in your picture?
So happy to know you are moved and well on your way to a new and happy life! Barb