Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Double trouble

Did I get another timneh african grey?
Don't worry!  I still only have Max.  But she loves to fly to my built-in cabinet/mirror combination and look at herself.  No wonder -- she is a beautiful parrot!

The parrots have taken extremely well to our new apartment.  They are in their same cages and have the same stands, so there is some familiarity.

Also, I saw that a celebrity recently named her daughter Maxwell.  I guess I'm ahead of the curve by a decade (though we named Max when we thought she was a male!)

She wakes me up every morning by saying, "Hello, Maxwell!" and she always puts a smile on my face.

When I start to get down about my terrible life situation, how much I was taken advantage of, and how my life will be so profoundly different from what I thought it would be, even 6 months ago, I always have the parrots who do their best to cheer me up.  Of course, they will also most likely prevent me from every marrying again, but seeing how the last marriage ended, perhaps that's not such a bad thing!

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Beloved Parrot said...

They really are amazing. I woke up one morning a month or so ago, feeling miserable, achy, tired, hopeless. I uncovered the Bobbsey Twins and there they were -- hopping around, chirping, preening, sticking their little beaks against the cage . . . it cheered me up immediately and I had a good day. They give me far more than I give them!