Friday, May 4, 2012

Plant fun

A month ago, my good friend came over to visit. Max and Calypso are both a bit skittish around other people, but Beeps loves everyone, especially if he senses they are bird people.   (The exception to this is my uncle.  Max loved my uncle on sight and actually solicited head pets from him!  He had no idea how special this was, even though we tried to explain it to him, and my mom had her feelings hurt as she has tried to befriend Max for over a decade.) My friend is a bird person (she has two parrots who are probably going to stay with us while the humans go on vacation, so you will get to meet them!)

So he hung out on her leg:
Then, something startled him, and he flew to the plant, which he loved.  He spent a long time in the plant, chewing off the (usually) dead leaves and playing around:
A short video:

This plant has become one of his favorite places to play; it's like an extra stand in the dining room!  He tends to head over there as soon as he flies in.


Suzanne said...

I see where Beeps gets his name. XD

D. Richard said...

If I may ask , Can you list a few plants that would be OK for the birds to chew on and play on . I know many that are not good . and I think it would be good for them to play on a real tree.
I am sure you would have a few recommendations.

D. Richard said...

I can not wait for your next entry

Anonymous said...

This was such a cute video of Beeps....loved it! from Barb! <3

Beloved Parrot said...

How convenient to have your own personal gardener!