Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rocky got adopted

Yes, it may seem like a miracle to anyone who knows of him, but Rocky got adopted!

I have been in contact with his new family, and they love him very much.  He is acclimating well.  They also have a yellow-collared macaw, and the two of them (Rocky and the other mini) have been preening each other.  This is fantastic news, as Rocky always seemed like he wanted to befriend another parrot, but the other birds at my house were not interested.

Stella is also doing well -- I get frequent updates from her new family.  She is also very loved and doing very well.

Thomas still does not care about any of us.  The house should sell next week, and then I will basically have no contact with him, which is apparently what he wanted all along.

As for the three that are with me, they are doing very well.  Calypso has blossomed so much, it's like he's a different bird.  Beeps and Max have adapted to having me as their only human.

I know I keep saying that I will post more, but I have trouble figuring out what this blog should be.  Still mostly about the parrots?  (With the loss of Rocky, there is not as much to report!)  Dating in my 30s? (Frustrating, to say the least!) My life, navigating a completely different one than I'd been planning for the past 11 years?

Right now, my three remaining parrots (Max, Calypso, and Beeps) and I are listening to music on youtube and having a dance party:

This song has given me so much strength throughout the ordeal. I frequently repeat lines to myself, especially about how she had to go through so much war to get where she is today.  That is what my life has become.


Suzanne said...

So happy to hear that Rocky has found a family and another bird to play with. It sounds like he will really thrive there. It's nice that you get updates on Stella, and that she is doing well also.

Thomas is an idiot. IMHO. Anyone who ambushes their spouse the way he did is not a person whom you need to spend time thinking about.

As for your blog, write about what makes you happy. Thats why we're here. Right. :D

Mary said...

Yea for Rocky! You must be so relieved that he and Stella are happy. Times are rough for so many people for so many different reasons. Hang in there and write about your little family and all the progress you'll make together. :)

Beloved Parrot said...

I'm so glad to hear such good news about Rocky and Stella.

How is Basil doing?

I think this blog should be about you and your parrots and anything else you want -- your life is a lot more than "just" parrots or "just" work or "just" dating. Share with us what you want to share.

I hope this whole Thomas thing is over for you soon. Selling the house is the last thing, right? Be good to yourself and do a little celebrating, okay? You've earned it!

John-Parrot said...

I'm Canadian but don't seak French so sounds like a beautiful song but will need to translate for real meaning. Believe you have the best parrots but not the best man - hang in there -your soul mate will arrive!!!