Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quarterly (?) Update

I'm not even sure it's fair to mention me and the word "blogger" in the same sentence, since I have done so little of it in the past few years. But I frequently think about something I'd like to post here, if only so that I can reflect on life in the future.

So again, I am going to try to recommit to posting more frequently.

This summer has been incredible.  I took level 2 of the CFA exam in June, and found out in July that I had passed!  Only one more level left -- I'm taking it in June 2017 -- and then I will be done with tests forever.  I hope.  Which means that after nearly a year of nonstop studying for levels 1 and 2, I've been enjoying myself, mostly stress-free, this summer.

Max turns 15 next week.  I purchased her from a breeder before I knew about the plight of captive parrots, but it is Max that led me into the interesting world of parrots.  She's sitting on the arm of my couch, a few inches from me, contentedly grinding her beak.  We'll probably spend the next few decades of our lives together, barring any accidents or surprise poor health on either of our parts.

Things with my boyfriend are still going well.  I need a blogname for him!  I'm not feeling particularly creative tonight, so I will simply call him J.  We recently celebrated a year together and are planning a trip to Hawaii in a few months.  Where I will run a marathon (along with some friends) and he will relax.  I will also relax.

A few years back, a man who has become one of my best friends gave me a dozen yellow roses for Valentine's Day.  He was delivering flowers to his husband (my coworker and another one of my best friends, though not quite at the time of this story) and he didn't want me to feel left out.  Since that time, I've saved all of the roses anyone has given me.  J knows this, so he gave me a gorgeous bouquet for our anniversary.  I plucked one out and put it in one of my favorite vases:

I bought it from a local potter when my art museum was having an art fair, and it brings me joy every day, even while empty.

As I type this, I'm watching the World Series.  Baseball is so calming, and I particularly love playoff baseball.  There is a movie (you can currently find it on Netflix) called "Fastball" that I highly recommend to anyone who loves the game.  I can hardly believe that the Indians made it this year -- I cannot tell you how many times I've watched "Major League" over the years.

Max has flown back to her cage, and is preoccupied with a toy she found in a bucket I attach to the side of her cage, filled with components that have broken off of other toys, like beads.  Calypso is playing happily inside his cage, even though his cage door is open.  I had to trim his beak a couple of days ago, and he may still be holding a bit of a grudge.  He'll get over it :)

As the days get shorter, and the weather colder, I am finding myself already missing summer.  And I have to wait quite a few more months until it appears again.  I've stocked up at my local bookstore, and am hoping to spend many evenings curled up with a good book.

Max has now returned to the arm of the chair, and is daintily trying to get my attention so I will scratch her head.  If I continue to ignore her, she will become more insistent, so I will oblige her before it comes to that.  It's really quite amazing to me the relationship we've formed over the past nearly 15 years.  I can predict how she's going to behave, and she'd probably say the same thing about me.


WendyKnits said...

Thanks for checking in. It's nice to know that things are going so well for you!

Mary said...

Wendy -- I think about you all the time as I peruse my bookshelf and see your books. Even tried unsuccessfully to find you on FB. Can't wait to get caught up again! XO

D. Richard said...

I am so happy to hear you back filling us in on your life and the birds. I have really missed hearing from you I hope you received all the joys of the season and everything remains will with you . God bless you and yours.

Twinkle said...

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