Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow and updates

Here is a picture of what our driveway looked like Wednesday, early evening. I have heard conflicting reports about how much snow fell in that 24 hour period, but it was definitely over a foot. Add drifting and the wind, and we shoveled a lot of snow! We hope to go skiing this weekend and take advantage of the weather. On Sunday, it is supposed to get down to minus 35 degrees with the windchill, so I am hoping to not leave my house much! That's Thomas shoveling. I did more than my fair share of shoveling; I just stopped briefly to take this picture :)

Here are Jeff Saturday and Daphne, on the last day that they shared a cage. I noticed that she was picking on him quite a bit -- she had actually picked out some of his feathers and caused him some minor discomfort. He is back temporarily in his hospital cage as we separate them until a new set-up can be made. I had been feeling better about their arrangement as they had been spending a lot of time together, but now I'm not willing to risk anything. I don't understand how the sweetest budgie in the world (Daphne) can be so nasty to other budgies!

Last week, we received another package of toys and toy components from The Parrot Asylum. Inside was a surprise: little pieces of candy -- wood wrapped in paper. My parrots loved this! Here is Max, working on a piece.
And here is Calypso. When he is very happy, sometimes he shuts his eyes. I imagine he gets caught up in the moment.
And here are a couple of videos that I think demonstrate the differences in their personalities. Max slowly and methodically works the paper until she unwraps what's inside. Calypso just attacks with caique abandon.

During his video, you can hear Rocky scream a bit. He sometimes gets jealous when attention is paid to a different parrot and doesn't always express his displeasure in appropriate ways! So, in many of my parrot videos, you can hear some severe macaw screams in the back. He actually has greatly decreased the amount of screaming that he does, and I'd say it's now at a tolerable amount, considering he is a wild parrot!

Here's wishing everyone a safe and warm weekend!

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Six parrots on the hop at once.

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