Friday, February 29, 2008

Where's the caique?

I walked into the kitchen yesterday and heard beeping. I knew Beeps was around somewhere, but he wasn't on any of the stands or the wooden plant stand where he sometimes hangs out. With a few more beeps, I found him in the metal plant stand!
Rocky had been the gardener in our house, hanging out with the plants and singing and talking to them. Now he has some competition!

Here's a short video of Beeps in action. Be patient. You can't see him for the first few seconds (and I think you can get a better understanding of how he was missing at first!)

When Rocky hangs out with the plants, the term "gardener" is used quite loosely. He definitely has some competition with Beeps, who was going through and ripping off the dead leaves and stems! (My plant maintenance has taken a short vacation of late, I'm afraid).

I had placed this stem on the kitchen counter to show Thomas what a good job Beeps was doing. Of course, Ms. Nosy had to come over and investigate:
On a different note, Rocky is very dog-like, at least when it comes to Thomas. He follows him around the house, and is often at his feet. Thomas has to be very careful where he steps! Thomas was cooking last night, so he was running back and forth between the counter, cupboards, fridge, and stove, and Rocky was his shadow for the entire evening. When this gets too irritating, we give Rocky some food on his cage, and that keeps him busy for a few minutes.
If we had other people in our house often, or actual dogs, we wouldn't allow the parrots the freedom to roam so much, as we'd have to consider their safety. It's definitely not something that can be done in every house! However, we've had many discussions about it and have decided that's how we want to live with them. In fact, we encourage their self-reliance to get up and do something about their situation if they're unhappy instead of just sitting there squawking about it.

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