Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Figure 8 Toy

We have a figure-8 rope toy that I think is made for playing tug with dogs. I may have mentioned this before, as one of Max's tricks is to do a loop through the bottom section, and she also loves hanging off of it as I push her. Lately, Beeps has been hanging out in the bottom part. I catch him there several times a day. We've added several swings to his cage, but he's not interested in them.
Max also likes to perch on the upper level of the stand and swing the figure-8 toy at whichever parrot happens to be hanging out underneath it. The caiques are too short to be knocked off, but she has successfully knocked Rocky and Kika down in the past. They have learned and no longer stand where she can reach them.

Kika has been revealing more of her personality to us, which we love! She is still incredibly sweet to the humans in the house, but has started asserting herself more with the other parrots.

Last night, Max was on the middle part of the stand and I was scratching her head. Kika has been closely watching my interactions with the other parrots, and she inched closer for a better look of what I was doing to Max. With no warning, she reached out and bit Max on the wing! Luckily she just grabbed a beakful of feathers and no harm was done. However, I felt guilty because I had lulled Max into a false sense of security.

This is what I saw when I came home from work yesterday:Thomas was in the living room playing video games, and the other parrots were with him. Max had flown into the kitchen and was playing with the jacket that he'd left on the kitchen counter instead of putting it away in the closet. He said Max wouldn't stay in the living room because she was so enthralled with the jacket! I was surprised he allowed this as she ruined the zipper on another jacket the morning we left for Madrid earlier this year. I hung the jacket in the closet before any damage was done to this zipper.


DweezelJazz said...

I love how you have it set up - such a wonderful playstation and toys! and all that light and view in the window...very very nice. :)

Mary said...

Thank you. It takes up huge amounts of space in our kitchen, but the different levels allow all of the larger birds to exist there in peace. Calypso in particular loves looking out the windows!