Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mostly shower scenes

This is what greeted me when I walked in on Thomas showering Monday morning:
From left to right, that's Max, Rocky, Kika, and Beeps. Calypso doesn't like to shower with Thomas, and Daphne can't be in the bathroom because she has trouble breathing with the hot, moist air. All of the birds went under the spray with him for a few moments and were drenched.

This was the scene when I showered this morning:
From left to right, that's Max, Calypso, and Kika. Beeps likes to hang out on the towel rack instead of the top of the shower door when he showers with me. Rocky prefers to walk around the house and hang out on the floor of the bathroom.

Here's a close-up of Beeps on the towel rack:
He has such good posture! Compare that to Calypso:
This is actually a pretty good picture of my beautiful, but non-photogenic, caique. He had been sprayed before the shower, so he was slightly wet. I had gone into the kitchen to refill the spray bottle so I could spray the lizards' food. Calypso spied this and demanded a quick shower.

Here's how Kika looked this morning:
If you compare her mutilation sores to the first day we had her, she's made amazing progress in a few short days. I think she'll be completely healed by the weekend. In other progress news, she has started eating Harrison's pellets, which are among the most nutritious for greys and should jumpstart her feather regrowth.

And just so she doesn't feel left out, here's a shower picture of Max:
I had heard how much uromastyx lizards loved dandelion flowers. However, by the time we brought our lizards home last year (May 31), there was nary a dandelion to be seen in our yard. There haven't been any pesticides applied to our lawn for at least 3 years, so they're safe to feed. I just go out there, clip off the heads, wash them, and serve.

I was amazed at how happy they made Andreas! He ate about 8 of them. I have never seen him so excited about food before! We're going to see if we can freeze some for him -- not so sure how that will turn out!


Stephanie said...

I'm glad Kika is doing so well. I think she will be able to make a good recovery.

Isn't it funny that birds seem to resent an "intruder" of their own kind more than any other sometimes?

Mary said...

I completely agree about her making a complete recovery. We've only had her 5 days, but she hasn't exhibited a single bad behavior and I think she'll be fully feathered again with good nutrition.

It is funny! We reassure Max she's still #1 in our lives and it does seem to be helping. She hasn't tried to buzz Kika in 2 days now, knock on wood!