Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas present

I put up my Christmas tree today (first time in over a decade!) Next year, I hope to be in a house and have a larger tree, but this little guy (on loan from a friend) fits perfectly in my apartment!

I'm hoping to get the parrots to pose as ornaments, along with the rest of the bird ornaments I have on the tree, but they are not there yet. For now, I will have to be happy with Calypso kind of posing as a present (but mostly trying to get back to me!)


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas - you deserve it xxx

Anonymous said...

happy christmas!!! well my little nut bird is not over keen on tree, only as its another thing we have to shoo her off lol thought she is showing increase interest in the stranged wrapped boxes and packages that are begining to spring up and some even have her name on?? bets on this year she will try to help son open his and claiming his as hers lol thanks for all the up dates an so happy that you are all doing so well

D. Richard said...

Any thoughts on a Bird Safe tree Mary.
I assume the low voltage LED lights
Any other comments on the subject
Will likely be just me and the flock this year