Thursday, December 6, 2012


Sometimes Max gets spooked, and she flies around looking for a safe place to land. She's still not entirely comfortable with my apartment, having lived here only about 8 months, compared to 7 years at our old house.

Last month, she ended up landing on this ledge that I have that surrounds my dining room:
At first she just struck cute poses:
But then she had to pull out all the stops so I would rescue her.  Even though she could have flown to me or back to her stand. (If I put my foot out really, really far, she has to pick me up, right?)  Of course, I did!

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D. Richard said...

2 cute ,, None of my birds ask to be picked up, They just fly and land on my chest then nip my chin .
News ; I have 3 in the nest , I cheated , Giggles is sterile and I slipped 4 eggs into her nest .. She is a good mother . I will be hand feeding starting monday