Friday, December 7, 2012

Making an appearance

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Max likes to hang out in the bathroom.  She doesn't attempt to destroy anything; she just likes to stand, alone, in the dark.  It is very odd.

Prior to making this video, I had been trying to get her to come out of the bathroom and join me in the dining room.  I called her name, whistled, asked for kisses; nothing worked.

And then inspiration hit.  I put on her current favorite CD, by Father John Misty, and she ran right out, dancing along the way.  Less than a minute in, she got bored and returned to the bathroom.
After the video, I brought her out onto her stand, where she happily played; the bathroom, forgotten.


Suzanne said...

So cute. Either my monitor is very dark or you need some lamps for your new place. ;)

Anonymous said...

All I could see is the eye balls bobbing up and down. LOL Yes, you need to put lights on for us! LOL Barb