Sunday, January 20, 2013

In which Max is loving

Sometimes Max is so wonderful!

Actually, most of the time. I am really lucky to have such a fabulous parrot.

Tonight, she was on her stand and I was at the table.  She flew down to request head pets.  How could I deny her?

And a wonderful bonding experience resulted:
I am very careful to stick to her head, so that I don't send her improper signals!

I really hope that everyone feels this way about their own parrots, but I feel so lucky with mine.  They weathered losing one of their owners with grace and strength.  They are as happy and wonderful as ever.  In just a few months, I will have had Max longer than I will have been married!  Having this amazing bond with such a sensitive, wonderful creature humbles me.  I pity Thomas, who so easily gave her up.  What could he possibly have been thinking?


D. Richard said...

I love Angle and Hollywood more than I can say. I have not told you I dont think but my flock actually saved me and made me human again . I served 13 years in the Marine Corps . The depression when I got out you could cut with a knife . I had a dog that died (Misty) and a cat (nuisance ) the cat would sit by me or sleep in top of me but for the most part seemed indifferent to me . Both Hollywood and Angle love me and desire time with me . That keeps me Human . I would do anything for them .
And as for the 0ther 9 of my flock , Stinker is growing on me, Ruby is bossy but we are friends, Giggles trusts me , Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are babies but they do land on me . Icarus trusts me . Actually they all trust me more than they trust each other . I have a Fischer without a name as of yet and the Bad Twin that is a real sweet Heart .
So I may no longer have a conventional family and perhaps we cannot have a conversation that others can follow but they are the best birds I could ask for .
And by the way , I am not a Bird Horder . so if you are in need of a Lovebird I can help you out .with 1 or 5

Beloved Parrot said...

Idiots don't think. ;-)