Sunday, January 20, 2013

In which Max is ornery

A few weeks ago, my very dear friend Paula sent me a care package. We have not (yet!) met, but her husband cheated on her and we've developed a love-at-first-sight kind of friendship.  This package involved about 30 bird Christmas tree ornaments, in addition to other things, as well as some packaging peanuts. 

Max had been destroying the peanuts, and I wanted to make a video so Paula could see how much happiness she'd brought to our house, even with things not intended to cause happiness!  Of course, as soon as I tried to tape it, Max decided to throw the peanuts away instead of chewing them up.

And then I tried with some wood, to the same effect:
I told her she would irritate our downstairs neighbors, but I was just joking.  They are university students, and they are just fantastic.  They love the parrots, especially the guy who plays bass, as the parrots start dancing, and this makes him laugh.

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