Sunday, June 2, 2013

Random things in May

I have been so remiss at taking pictures of things that have been happening!  But here is a short selection of things that happened to me in May:

One of Max's favorite artists, Father John Misty, was once again in the area.  I had seen him perform last October, before I knew any of his songs.  I bought the CD then, so this time, I knew them all!  I went with my friend who works at the venue (free tickets and the bartender said we were such fun to talk to that we didn't have to pay for our drinks, either!)
One of my responsibilities at my new job (not so new anymore -- I've been there nearly 14 months) is to help coordinate our large client conference in the fall.  It was a huge success last fall, my first time, and we hope to make every year even better.

Last week, two of my coworkers and I went to the luxury resort where the conference is held.  We walked through everything -- it's almost like planning a wedding where we do tasting of the food, walk-throughs of the event, etc. -- and spent the night.  This place is known for their innovative bathrooms.

I always take a bath when I'm there, and this time, when I turned the water on, I was shocked that it started coming out of the ceiling!  I didn't really like this, so I hope I get a different room when I return in September.
This is a partial view out of my office window.  Last week, the sun hit just right at the building down below.  All of a sudden, my office got so bright that I had to see what was going on outside.  I made the mistake of looking directly at it, and then my eyes saw spots for a few minutes!

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