Thursday, June 13, 2013

More updates - no pictures

I had the final walk-through on my new house this evening.  Things are looking good, and I am scheduled to close tomorrow.  The parrots, Andreas, and I are about to own a house again!  Perhaps the most exciting thing about this is that the parrots can be as loud as they'd like, and it won't matter!

In a fun development, the previous owner left some stained glass panels on the 3rd floor for me.  It will be fun to figure out where they were and to see if I can reinstall them.  I love stained glass!

The past few weeks have been filled with studying.  I had to take some securities exams over the past year, and I just passed the third (and hardest) exam this morning.  I wanted to get it done before I moved.  I wasn't sure I would pass, so I was ecstatic to see the results.  Now, on to packing.  Except instead of packing tonight, I am drinking a celebratory beer and posting on my blog!

I'm hoping to move a few things over myself tomorrow (my new house is about half a mile from my current apartment.)  My mom is coming up on Saturday and she'll help me clean things up and we'll move things in our cars.  Then, on Sunday (Father's Day), my dad is coming up with the van he can borrow from work, and we'll move some of the larger stuff, including the animals.

I have hired movers for July 5 to move my bed, the couches, bookshelves, and other heavy things.  My dad is getting older and I didn't want to be responsible for throwing out his back!  One exciting part of this is how many people have offered to help me move.  Even my downstairs neighbors, the college kids, have offered their help.  There are so many good, kind people in this world.

It still amazes me how different my current life is from the one I used to live.  Better.


BMG said...

I am very happy for you! And your new home is beautiful!

Shannon said...

I am thrilled and grateful for these wonderful turns in your life - your brand-spanking new and wonderfully improved life. Ditto for the parrots and Andreas! Congrats - you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

your new home looks amazing, and so glad things are falling into place for you an your feathered/scaled family. i look forward to your up dates. and good luck with the move :)