Thursday, August 1, 2013

And so does Max!

Max, the bird who is clearly my best flyer, loves our new house! The parrots' cages are in the living room, on the first floor, but Max loves flying up to the second floor to explore.  One of her favorite perches is on the staircase, as shown:
She also likes to fly up to the top of my large stained glass window, seen in the background of this picture.  However, this is not allowed, so I'm not even willing to take a picture of it, for fear it will encourage her.  The first time she flew to the second floor by herself I was so excited and proud of her; now I wish she'd stay on the first level as she is not trustworthy enough to be up there unsupervised!

Her other favorite place to be is the kitchen.  She'll hang out and stare at me through the crack in the door.  She decided to chip at the door hinge once she saw the camera, and I wasn't risking my ancient hardware for a good picture, so this will have to suffice:

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