Thursday, August 1, 2013

Foraging fun

This video isn't the best; to really show what she is capable of, I'd have to tape for about 10 minutes and splice together, but my editing skills are non-existent, so this is what you're getting! She'll go over to the tower and say "want some!" as she fools with the levers, hoping I'll stick a cashew in there for her. Since she is so adorable, I frequently will.
In this case, it was empty, but she was trying her best to be cute enough for a nut to be placed inside:
Instead, I just took pictures.
 Just kidding!  When she gets the nut, she'll always walk over and stand on the edge of the counter to eat it.
She only did this once, but in my head, she climbed the tower to victory:
I think I may need to find some more challenging puzzles for her!

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Budgie Bird said...

That's a cool toy, and a clever bird.