Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beeps explores the house

The parrots and I are so happy in our new house! We've been here about 7 weeks now, but we're settled in and things are great! They love to fly around and explore different parts of the house. At least Max and Beeps do. Calypso walks around to explore, even though he can fly. Strange guy, that.

The other day, Beeps was flying around, and he landed on one of my front windows.  He was pacing and saying "Babycakes" in his demonic voice; unfortunately, his behavior changed once he knew I was filming him, but if you listen closely, you can hear him say it once at the very beginning of this video:
If you watched the video, you can understand why we named him "Beeps"!!!

Here is a still picture.  He loves looking outside at what's going on.
A different day, he'd flown around the house and it took me a little while to find him.  Just a little while, though, as his ubiquitous beeping gave him away!

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