Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A few days ago, Max flew to Thomas and landed right on his hand, trying to eat what he had in the spoon. Her favorite thing to say is "want some!" and she says it whenever she thinks someone is eating something. Thomas and I have fun joking about this when she says "want some" regarding onions, avocados, or any of the other things that she is not allowed to eat.

She has been so funny and well-behaved lately. We're hoping that we continue to see this side of her! We call her the soundtrack in our lives.

When we lived at our old house, a pair of French doors separated our living room from the breezeway. These doors squeaked when opened, and it took Thomas about two weeks to oil the hinge. He told me he'd oiled the hinge, yet it still squeaked when I opened the door. I soon realized that the door only squeaked when Max was in the room! She had exactly imiatated the squeak, and did it only when the door was being opened.

She also makes a swallowing sound when I pour myself something to drink. She makes the smoke alarm sound after a shower (it's only gone off maybe 5 times in 2 years at our house, but she remembers!) And when Thomas leans in to give me a quick kiss, she always makes the kiss sound! She is very observant and doesn't miss much.

I think my favorite thing she does is when Thomas or I put a coat or shirt on, she hunkers down and moves her wings around as if she were also getting dressed. We thank her and then she continues on with her day.


DweezelJazz said...

Max is so like Jazzy. We just fixed our squeaky doors on the living room last weekend, and yes, they do still squeak at precisely the right time when Jazz is around. And all the other things you mention too, I recognise in Jazzy. The place is so very empty when she's not around commenting on everything.

Mary said...

Isn't their ability to exactly replicate sounds amazing? I don't think I could ever tire of that.

And I agree about it being empty when they're gone. We dropped her off to be boarded the day before we left on vacation a few years ago because our flight left very early. That night was so sad and almost surreal because it was so quiet in the house!