Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things have been pretty crazy lately! Friday evening I broke out in a horrible case of hives. They were so itchy and over my entire body. They continue to come back, so I'm taking some medication and hope to be back to normal soon. Needless to say, I was sleeping a lot of the weekend and didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.

The birds did not like the fact that I was home, but upstairs. On several occasions, Rocky climbed up there, calling my name and trying to climb up on the bed. He did not have good intentions, so I had to call Thomas upstairs to rescue me since I didn't have my stick.

Max also made her first trip all the way up the stairs. Normally she'll fly to about the mid-point of the steps and sit there, beeping and ordering us to take her where she wants to go ("Come here! Up! Good girl! Come here! Hello!"). But over the weekend, she made a few trips upstairs to visit me in bed.

Here are Thomas and Rocky enjoying their Sunday ritual: reading the paper. Normally I am running during this time, but took the day off this week.

One of the advertisements included little stickers for kids to mark what they'd like to receive for Christmas (Already? It's still the beginning of November!) Apparently Thomas decided that he would like Rocky for Christmas. Rocky didn't seem to mind the sticker on his head, but Thomas removed it shortly after I took this picture.


Shannon said...

Ooh, so sorry to hear about the hives. I had a hive reaction to a prescription drug some years ago, and the hives were so bad I could hardly stand it - and it lasted for 5 days!!! Sheer torture. Hope yours clears up soon and you're back to normal. At least Max really wanted to see you and find out what was up! Consider yourself missed!

Sharon said...

Rocky is adorable! I've only had hives once in my life and that was because a bad case of the nerves... luckily they passed quickly and I have never had them again!

DweezelJazz said...

Oooo boy - sounds like you've had a rough time! Hope you're feeling loads better by now. I can just imagine Max calling you from the stairs...Jazzy does the same thing saying "up up and hello" and if that doesn't work she adds a long "Heeellooo!" and will finally do a piercing whistle if she's really feeling impatient. Very nice that Max visited with you. :)

Mary said...

Apparently my earlier comment did not go through. Thank you all for the food wishes on my hives. I am doing a lot better, although still not normal. But, things could be a lot worse!

Max seems to have a lot in common with Mooky and Jazzy. I like hearing about the similarities :)