Monday, November 5, 2007


As Rocky started launching himself towards me more frequently over the past few weeks, I thought we were heading towards a path of clipping, and I was right! He flew at me twice yesterday. This was the first time Thomas witnessed an attack, and he was surprised by its viciousness. Out came the scissors!

I don't feel too guilty about this, as Rocky never flew. I doubt he was fledged as a baby, so he probably doesn't know how to fly (his launches at me were very awkward). We are still keeping up on his exercise and hope that this clip might trigger some better behavior.

To be honest, though, I'm not holding my breath as he flew at me again this morning, but couldn't go as far, so I was out of his range quickly. At least I no longer have to treat him like Louis XIV, backing out of the room so that I could be ready for an attack!!!


Sharon said...

Oh that's hard to look at... I know you're not hurting him physically but it looks like it hurts. He seems to be taking it well... I don't see any bloody fingers or anything!

Mary said...

He was in a bit more distress than usual since I was photographing him and he doesn't like it when I get too close. When we first got him, Thomas had to towel him, but now he'll let him do it without the towel.

He was so well behaved last night -- not sure if it had anything to do with the clipping. We're hoping we can leave him flighted next time they grow in, but he has to learn not to attack me!!!