Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thomas was playing more video games over the weekend. As soon as he reclines on the ground and Rocky sees an opening into his clothes, Rocky runs over there. He loves taking 2X4 slices in with him and chipping them up inside Thomas's clothes. One thing that is quite fun about Rocky is that whenever you call his name, he comes out from wherever he'd been hiding. He actually had been in Thomas's shirt with his tail sticking out, but when I called his name to get this picture, he turned around and stuck his head out.

Here are Beeps and Max hanging out on the bottom of Max's cage. They also like to be near Thomas while he's playing video games. This isn't the greatest pose (no one is paying attention to me!) but it's the only one I captured.

This will be my last post for a little over a week. We are leaving on vacation early tomorrow morning and I won't have access to a computer until I return.

I'm a bit concerned about leaving my animals, but my very capable friend will be taking care of them. This will be the first time we're leaving Beeps, Rocky, and Daphne. Max and Calypso have been through this before, but it's been almost two years. We expect to get back to our house around midnight. I thought we'd sneak in, go to sleep, and wake the parrots up the next morning. Thomas looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned that and said we definitely would be getting the parrots up as soon as we get back!

Have a great week and I'll post pictures from Prague when I return!


Sharon said...

Your little guys remind me of Mooky... they're so cute!

DweezelJazz said...

Hope you had a great time. Rocky is really something, amusing himself with the 2 x 4s. We got some for Jazzy, but unfortunately she hasn't yet taken to them.

I laughed when you said you'd be waking up the birds as soon as you got home, regardless of the time. Whenever we leave Jazzy, even if only for a very short while, we can't wait to get back to see her again! :)

Mary said...

Thanks, guys! I took a video of Max last night that I wanted to post today, but I forgot my camera at home, so will wait until next week.

As I was filming, I was wondering about Mooky and Jazzy and whether they do the same movements, so you'll have to let me know :)