Thursday, December 6, 2007

Budgie introduction going well so far

Thomas got home before me on Tuesday, and I came home to find the above scene. He said that when he got home, Daphne was guarding the water dish and Jeff Saturday was looking longingly at the water. So, he brought Daphne into the kitchen with him to let Jeff Saturday have the cage to himself for a bit. However, they started calling for each other, so he brought Jeff Saturday in the kitchen as well.

I ran into the same scene on Wednesday, so I added a water dish to the budgies' cage, and took this video of them calling to each other (the video itself is not all that interesting, but you can hear him calling from the other room).

This morning, I enclosed Jeff Saturday between my shirt and zippered second layer (it's so cold here I've been wearing several layers!) and did the birds' foods and waters. He loved exploring under there! I can't have him on my shoulder, or Max will buzz him and I don't want to scare the little guy. He is a little tame, but nowhere near where Daphne is, so I'm trying to get him used to being near people. He is hesitant to step up, especially on/near his cage, and will often fly off my hand. Daphne, on the other hand, runs over to be picked up and always stays on my hand, even though she is fully flighted at this time.

There has also been a large reduction in the squabbling between the two, so I feel fairly confident that he has become a permanent member of our family!

It has been so cold and snowy the past week. Today was the first day I had to run in sub-10 degree weather in quite some time. I did warm up, but it took longer than I remembered! I also had to jump straight into the shower upon my return home, neglecting my normal routine of getting the parrots up first, so they were a little miffed at me this morning!


DweezelJazz said...

That's so nice that the new little fella is fitting in well! :)

Mary said...

Thanks! We are so hopeful that they'll come to really like (and not just tolerate) each other.

When we brought Beeps in, we hoped he'd get along with Calypso, but, more than a year later, they still want pretty much nothing to do with each other! Budgies seem to be much easier this way!