Monday, December 3, 2007

We have another bird

Over the weekend, a darling budgie was surrendered to the bird rescue where we volunteer. He is a 4-years-old and tame. His previous owner died, which is why he was surrendered. I have been looking for a companion for Daphne for some time. Budgies are very social animals and do well when kept with others of their kind. I fell head over heels for this little guy, so we took him home.

Unfortunately, at this point, Daphne does not feel the same way. She's been pecking at him, and they've been hanging out on opposite sides of their cage. We'll give it a few weeks, and if she never warms up to him, we'll have to bring him back to the rescue to find a new home.

He came with the name of "Sundance," so we are planning on changing his name. I was thinking Stan, Gordon, or Victor, but Thomas wants to name him Jeff Saturday. That is the name of an Indianapolis Colt, but Thomas just likes the name, as we are not Colt fans.

I have more funny pictures and stories to share, but want this entry to be all about Jeff Saturday, so those will have to wait until later in the week!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Jeff Saturday is a big name for a small bird but its very cute!

I hope Dapne warms up to Jeff and who knows in the future there may be the patter of little Saturday's feet around your house!