Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This is the video I mentioned last week. I should have cut it off earlier (and I don't have video editing knowledge/capabilities). Max loves to walk around with her head upside down, sweeping the floor (or counter, in this case), with the top of her head. She is the only one of my parrots to do this. Rocky will walk around with his beak on the floor, but his head remains in an upright position.

This got me wondering: is this grey thing? Or just a Max thing? Or do other types of parrots do this as well? And it made me think about Max's grey friends: Mooky, Jazzy, Harley, Tuchis, Shadow, Lucky, Einstein, T-Bone, Cinder (and I'm sure I'm missing some!) Do they walk around with an upside-down view of the world? Reading Mooky's and Jazzy's blogs makes me realize how much she has in common with them -- her mannerisms and behavior are often very similar!

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DweezelJazz said...

Max is so cute! I've never seen Jazzy walk along with her head upside down. She does turn it upside down quite regularly, but not ever for longer periods while walking along. I'll keep my eyes open about it and if ever I see her do that, I'll let you know.

I enjoyed the full video, and for the rest of it, Max's mannerisms are very like Jazzy's, especially leaning forward and putting her head lower. Cute! :)