Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All about Beeps

Beeps has been extremely hormonal lately.  I had moved Calypso back into the living room, and this seemed to set Beeps off.  Beeps started doing the caique freak-out, where he'd make this hard-to-describe screeching sound while attacking his leg.  This is something I'd seen from Calypso in the past.

After a few days where Beeps wasn't getting any better, I moved him into the kitchen today, so he could be separated from Calypso.  This is one of my main concerns about taking them both with me to my new apartment once I have to move out of the house due to my impending divorce (probably will happen next month.)  I will be in a smaller place, so it will be more difficult to keep the caiques separated.

Anyway, I am trying to take things one day at a time and not get too hung up on the future!  Beeps seems to love his new position in the kitchen.  Funny, he prefers to spend time on the stand next to his cage, rather than his cage.  There are tons of toys on/in his cage and not much to do on the stand, but who can get into the mind of a caique?

Then, he flew over to what was Stella's green stand, in the other corner of the kitchen, and hopped over to the counter.  He'd never done this before!

So I took a little (not that interesting) video:
I've always heard that caiques hop instead of walk.  I've seen videos, and occasionally I've seen it in my own caiques.  However, in a combined 13 years of caique ownership (I've had Calypso for 8 years and Beeps for 5) I have seen maybe 15 seconds total of hopping.  I keep talking to them about hopping and maybe they'll start doing it someday!


Mary said...

So cute! I like the sideways shuffle he was doing!

Meg said...

Maybe they should take lessons from Claudia, she thinks she is a caique- waaayyy too much energy, and lots and lots of hop hop hopping!

Suzanne said...

Are Beeps and Calypso both male? That could be the issue between them if they are.

Beeps is so cute. I love Caiques, such little jokers.

Christian Traughber said...

It's been a long time since you've had them. You sure know how to give TLC to them. Maybe they'll get used to your new apartment. After all, they know they are safe, and you are willing to give time to them.