Monday, February 20, 2012

Max stalks Calypso

I can't believe that I've not yet posted in February!  I guess I haven't been taking as many pictures as usual, but the parrots and I are doing really well.

Sometime earlier this month, I had made tortellini, which meant each of the parrots got a noodle.
Beeps had to eat his in his cage as he was extremely hormonal and trying to attack both of his flockmates:
Max finished her first, so then she started to stalk Calypso, who is more careful and doesn't waste his food by throwing it on the floor after one bite:
Finally, he threw his on the floor as well:
Max had been trying to knock him off of the stand with the toy, but she gave up after she realized that she couldn't get to him with the toy.  He's just too short!

As you can see, finally she gave up and came over to me for some attention instead.

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