Monday, February 20, 2012

More Max

This was taken several weeks ago.  Max was chipping up a wood slice on the counter.
Later, I couldn't find the spoon she usually uses.  As it turns out, she must have flown to Stella's old stand to eat and then dropped the spoon.  I found it the next day.  In the meantime, I offered her breakfast on my normal spoon.  I didn't think she was strong enough to hold it, but I underestimated her desire for peanut butter and autonomy (I was prepared to hold the spoon for her, but she insisted on taking care of it herself.)
I should weigh the spoon and compare it to her weight.  I think this would be an amazing feat of strength if I were lifting an equivalent percentage of my body weight.  She will be a star next Festivus!

1 comment:

D. Richard said...

I am truly happy things are good
I was getting or rather , ( GOT ) worried when you had one night left together and then no one heard from you again . I even sent pictures of a local eagle that let me get close enough for me to get a picture . but your service rejected it .
Glad you are back and well