Monday, February 20, 2012

Personal update

On a personal note, I am doing really well.  I continue to connect more with friends and family.  Usually, I forget to take pictures!  Last week, I went to a coffee shop to see my friend play in a band:
The next night, we went to a painting evening.  We had a teacher who showed us how to reproduce a famous painting.  In this case, we did Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss."  It's not an exact reproduction, but more of an homage.  My friend's was the best of the bunch; mine was just in good fun, but now it's hanging on my wall:
This got me really interested in painting.  I always wished that I was an artist, like so many of my friends (Mary, Shannon, I'm looking at you!)  This got me very excited, so I have decided to take up a new hobby.  Today online, I purchased several canvases, brushes, paint, and a palate, and I look forward to painting.  Hopefully next week!

This ordeal has taught me that who knows what life is going to throw my way, but that I will be OK, no matter what happens.  The parrots and I had a fun dance party tonight and we are looking forward to tomorrow!  I have been terrible at catching up on blogs, but I hope to do so soon, and you are all in my thoughts!!!

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Anonymous said...

so glad your still taking time out to post an that your getting on with things, it can't be easy, i love your positive attitude to things, tc an i look forward to your future posts