Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Head pets, now!

I love how Max will stop at nothing, including guilt and cuteness, to get what she wants.  In this case, head pets.

I was chopping up vegetables, trying to make dinner, when she climbed up on a container and started scratching her own head, imploring me to take over.
Of course I did; how could I resist her?


Woman in Love said...

You couldn't, of course! With adorable that % why even try!!

Elizabeth said...

My cockatiel, Trevor, does the same thing to one of the other cockatiels. "I'm so itchy, won't you please scratch me?" I wish he'd do it to me, but he's too scared of me.

Mary said...

WIL -- I can offer no resistance!

Elizabeth -- my parents' bonded pair of tiels will sit there, both offering their heads to each other. It's so adorable, but they get angry that they both want attention until finally the female acquiesces and briefly scratches him!