Thursday, November 14, 2013

Seriously? Snow?

The view out of my office window earlier this week:
Are you kidding me?  Snow this early?  YUCK!  Luckily it's melted and my landscapers were able to come today to do some prep work.

Landscapers?  That's right!  I don't have a lawn, but the previous owner of my house, just let it go wild.  I hired an environmentally-conscious company to come in and help me out.  They're planting native plants that attract local wildlife, especially birds.  It's going to be amazing in a few years.

Right now, I have pear trees, so I frequently see squirrels eating pears on my patio.

I am getting a new computer at work tomorrow, so I had to clean off my desk where the tech guys will be working.  My desk has been a crazy mess due to many more open projects than I would like.  I could put everything in folders, but I'm more of a piles lady.  As I was leaving today, I realized that my desk was the equivalent of a mullet -- business in the front and party in the back!
I took tomorrow off, as I have quite a few errands to run.  I'm bringing wine to Thanksgiving this year, and want to go to my favorite local winery to get some.  Additionally, my favorite orchard, as I want to get some honeycrisps to eat and some others to make into cobbler.  I've barely taken any vacation days this year since things have been so busy, but we have a use-it-or-lose-it policy and I am determined not to lose any!

When I get back to work, I am going to have two of the most giant monitors ever on my desk.  I can't wait!  Spreadsheets in all their glory!

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D. Richard said...

I have been building alot of computers for my company lately also ,, My favorite platform is the HP Compaq elite USDT 8300, i5's can run 3 HD 27in that I set vertically Samsung S27C750P
Replacing old Dell P4's
That said I missed you , I am happy you are well. I got promoted twice since we talked last . I hope I am not over my own head .
God Bless