Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A present for my father

One of the things I love to do in my new life is go to author readings/book signings.  I am very lucky to live just a few blocks from one of the best independent booksellers in the nation.  I try to go to at least one reading per month, and typically buy the book.  I want to make sure they stay in business.

Recently, I went to an author appearance regarding a book about the 1985 Chicago Bears.  My dad hates the Bears, but he loves football, so I had the author inscribe the book to my dad.  The author told many interesting stories about the earlier days of football, so I'm also going to read it.  I just have to decide if I do so before or after I give the book to my dad!
I hope he takes it with the love behind it -- not sure I'd be as accepting about a book on the Toronto Blue Jays, for example.  (I am still not over the fact that they beat the Phillies in the 1993 World Series; frankly, I'm not sure I ever will be.)

The last time I had gone to a book signing was on a terrible first date.  I kind of wanted to tell the author that I was never going to see the guy again lest he think we were a couple -- he was that embarrassing.  This time, I went with a good friend, and we had a great time.  She's a huge Bears fan, and bought a copy for herself.

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