Sunday, November 24, 2013


This evening, I'd let the parrots out of their cages while I was reading a book in the living room. As usual, the caiques behaved by playing on their cages and whistling back and forth with me. Also as usual, Max was another story.

She is fascinated with my stairs. Usually, she'll walk over to them and then dance and make sounds (whistling, singing, talking, kisses) to bring my attention to her. She has, so far, been unable to climb them at all. In our old house, she could climb them because there was carpet that she could attach her beak to, but here she could get no purchase. However, this evening, I kept finding her on the first step. I couldn't figure out how, until I realized that I'd taken my running shoes off while sitting on the step, and left them right there.

She'd used the shoe on the floor as a step to get to her destination -- smart girl!

Since I run a lot and therefore wear through shoes regularly, I had a bunch waiting to be taken to the running store to be turned into a track (through Nike's Reuse A Shoe program.)
I tried to get it on video, but it was too dark, and she kept stopping once she saw the camera to dance.  However, she was a very happy lady tonight.  Not sure how long I'll keep them there for her; it probably depends on her behavior and whether she uses the shoes to chew on my wood.  If so, they'll be gone, and she'll be under stricter supervision.

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