Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was going through some old photos, and found this one of Ethel and Calypso on a stand. It was taken about a month before Ethel's death. I wish I would have had a better camera, and a video camera back when Ethel was around. The pictures I have of her do not fully capture her personality. Actually, if I'm making wishes, I'd wish that she was still around, because there is a huge void in our lives now.

Although I loved Ethel and she loved me back, Thomas was her special person. Ethel was fully flighted, and when she heard Thomas come home, she'd fly right to his shoulder and walk over for some kisses.

She had an amazing will to live, as her tumor made her weigh double what she should. It makes me so sad when I hear people refer to budgies as "starter birds" or "throwaway pets." Their intellect and delightfulness is often discounted, perhaps due to a "bigger is better" philosophy.

Unfortunately, many budgies never reach their potential as companions, because people leave them alone in small cages with limited interaction and not enough toys.

As I've mentioned many times before, I know that I will always need to have a little budgie jewel in my life!

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