Thursday, August 16, 2007

In sad news, yesterday we discovered the body of our beloved female betta, Pat. Here she is above, in happier times. Pat had such a zest for life! She'd sometimes school with the Australian Rainbowfish, or with other female bettas, when they were in the tank.

Her favorite time of the day was dinner and she was always the first one swimming over to get fed. She also seemed to recognize her humans, and would swim to the front of the tank and interact with us. Rocky loved to pretend to eat her.

I don't think we'll have bettas in our tank anymore. They have short lifespans, compared to other fish, and it is so hard losing one.

In happier aquarium news, our new cory cats (albinos and julii) have settled in. They have invigorated the older green cories, and our tank is so much more active! We're definitely planning on adding a few more cories to the aquarium, and possbily some clown loaches, if we can find some small, healthy ones anywhere.

We've also been thinking of setting up a nano reef tank. We're still in the initial planning stages of this, and if we do anything, it probably won't be for another year or so.

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