Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was trying to find a picture of Max when she was at her worst feathering. As we did not have a decent camera then, I do not have many pictures of her, but you can see her downy chest from this picture. Max does not pluck out her feathers; she bites them off at the shaft. She has much improved on this behavior, but is still not 100% fully feathered (as you can see from other pictures of her). But we love her anyway! At her worst, over a year ago, she had bitten off all of the feathers on her chest, legs, and back. Currently, she has bitten a few off on her lower chest area.

One of my dear friends owned a timneh, and her mother made this sweater for Katie (note the "KT"). Although Katie enjoyed wearing her sweater, Max didn't! But, we put it on Max anyway, just so we could take this picture. Max really didn't mind, but she didn't want to keep it on for long! At the time I jokingly threatened to make her wear sweaters if she didn't stop the plucking, but of course we were kidding!

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