Monday, August 27, 2007

Let me apologize in advance for what is sure to be a long entry, but I have the whole weekend to write about! Rocky will be the focus of today's post. Here is a picture of him begging. I have seen many other macaws beg like this, but not any other kinds of parrots. I wonder if this somehow relates to behavior in the wild? Anyway, when he is in his cage and wants to come out, he hangs his beak over a bar and lightly flaps his wings. You'll notice that only his beak is holding him up!
I decided that I wanted to take up a new hobby, and decided to learn how to knit! So I printed some instructions off of the Internet, headed to a local craft store for some yarn and needles, and voila! Most people will knit a scarf for their first project. So what do I knit? But a parrot scarf! Here is Rocky modeling my craftiness.
I guess the color don't really go with his feathering! But he was a good sport, as always. None of the other parrots were interested in wearing my scarf. I guess I'll stick to grateful, human recepients for my next projects!

And here is a video of Rocky eating a plum. This is the first time that we've had plums in our house since Rocky has lived with us. He got so excited when he saw it, so we decided to let him explore. He really loves them, as you can see!

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