Friday, August 17, 2007

I took quite a few pictures and videos of things that happened last night, so I apologize in advance for what is sure to be a long post! As I was uploading these into my photobucket account and naming them, I realized that there is a common theme -- combat!

Here is a picture of the snails vs. my aquarium. Unfortunately, pictures cannot do justice to the problem we're facing. The snails are probably plotting their coup of the aquarium as I write this! There are hundreds, possibly thousands of different kinds of snails all over my tank! None were introduced intentionally -- they came in as freeloaders from plants. However, as I mentioned in another post, I do not feel comfortable with just killing them. I think we're going on a clown loach hunt this weekend, as they eat snails.

Then, we have the match of Max vs. Salvador Dali! Here is a still picture, for those of you unable to watch videos, followed by a video. Thomas and I visited a Dali museum, and I later bought this little Dali finger puppet as a souvenir. What does she have against surreal art?

Here is the video: As you're watching this, you can hear a couple of thuds; Max even raises her head to investigate.

Here's what those thuds were: Rocky was on the kitchen table throwing off two foot toys and my car keys!

Speaking of Rocky, he had a couple of his own bouts (aptly named, I suppose!)

Rocky vs. purse:

Rocky vs. newspaper:

The music in the background is, once again, by Bowling for Soup. The parrots just love their music, especially their song, "Ohio (Come Back to Texas)"

The parrots were upset to hear about discord involving one of their other all-time favorite bands, their hometown Violent Femmes.

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