Thursday, October 1, 2009

Foraging fail

Last night, as I was supposed to be preparing dinner, I ran across a little foraging box, so I decided instead to see if Max might be interested in doing some foraging.

Here is the first attempt. She often resorts to throwing things around! (Also, I apologize for how loud the background songs are in these videos -- we were listening, once again, to the Guys and Dolls soundtrack, and singing/dancing/whistling along until I decided to try foraging. It didn't sound that loud in person!)

In this video, she figures it out, but then inexplicably drops the nut and refuses to get it out again. What is going on? Cashews are her favorite!

Still being a weirdo, though she does start to eat the nut...

...but didn't get to finish it.

Unfortunately, in an attempt at keeping these videos at a reasonable length, I missed what might have been the most exciting moment in this group of videos. Max was eating her cashew, when Stella flew in and tried to land on Max, causing Max to fly away and drop the cashew she'd been eating. Stella quickly picked up the nut and finished it.

The greys do this kind of thing to each other all of the time. Apparently the most appealing perch in the house is the one currently occupied by the other grey.

I was trying to get her to give me the nut so that I could make her work for it (more than she already had, I guess...) but she was not giving up her hard-earned treat!

Then, I made her do a little work. Since Stella is not as good at foraging as Max is, I started easy. I showed her the nut and then she had to take it out of the box, but didn't have to figure out how to open the box -- that would come later...

...or not as once it became clear that work was involved in getting the almond, Stella wanted nothing to do with it!

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