Friday, October 16, 2009

Parrot fight

Max has taken to hanging out on the stairs. We remove her as soon as is practicable since the stairs are carpeted. Last night, I was in the kitchen and Thomas was supposed to be watching the parrots. He yelled, "You might want to get in here!" and this is the scene I came across:A bit of background: earlier in the evening, Rocky had climbed up the stairs and surprised me while I was in the bedroom. Usually I have a stick with me at all times, but I did not have one as I'd assumed Rocky would stay with Thomas in the living room. Instead, I grabbed my robe and had him hang onto that as I brought him downstairs. Then, I set the robe on the stairs, intending to take it up with me the next time I made the trip.

Rocky loves towels, robes, and all terry-cloth items, so he must have taken my robe hanging on the stairs as an invitation for him to play on it.

Max did not take kindly to this intruder near her stairs, so she came over and the two of them started fighting through the rails. I just snapped one quick picture so that I could remove them from the situation, so the picture makes it look like Max is behaving demurely and Rocky is attacking her. Not the case -- they were both willing and equal participants!

After removing them to more acceptable perches, I brought the robe upstairs.

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