Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Istanbul wildlife

Since I didn't take any parrot pictures last night (still doing laundry and getting back into the normal routine), here are a few more Istanbul wildlife pictures.

Breakfast at our hotel was served on the top floor. There were tons of birds to watch as we ate! This seagull had been on a neighboring roof and flew over, landed right near us, and then patrolled the ledge a bit.Although this picture was not taken when the seagulls were at their most numerous, you can see a few on the neighboring roof.
And a close-up of the crows on the minaret:
The next day, we took a cruise on the Bosphorus. We saw dolphins jumping around -- the first time I've seen them in the wild! Sadly, we didn't get any pictures.

From the ferry, we took a picture of all of the seagulls on these roofs:
I believe that's the Black Sea in the distance. So many black waterbirds!
Closer up:
Our guidebook humorously mentioned that you don't see too many people swimming in the Bosphorus due to a combination of jellyfish and garbage. The jellyfish were certainly plentiful! They were a bit more apparent in person, but you can see their ghostly outlines under the surface:
I'll post more wildlife pictures tomorrow.

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