Friday, October 9, 2009

If Beeps were human...

Thomas and I sometimes play the game about what our parrots would be like if they were human. Usually this is generalities (i.e. Calypso might be an accountant and would like to read), but in this case, we know who Beeps would be.

Charlie Manuel.

He was reading the sports section the other day, and said, if Beeps were human, he'd be the manager of the Phillies (which just happens to be my favorite baseball team!)

It was due to this quote, from Jimmy Rollins:
Usually he’s calm for the first three minutes. And then come the beep, beep, beeps. And then a joke or something, so everybody starts laughing.

That pretty much sums up our lives with our caique! (Though Beeps doesn't tell a joke, he does something funny that makes us laugh.)

We now sometimes refer to him as Charlie Manuel.

For illustration, beeping his way up the stairs:


Elizabeth said...

Oh, that's great. We like to ask ourselves what political party do the birds belong to?

Audrey it a conservative Republican that's mad about everything. Conner is a Democrat that believes in the power of hope. Things got very heated between the birds during last year's presidential campaign.

Mary said...

Elizabeth, we're going to have to have some talks about that. I'm not sure which way they would go :) I'll try to think about it and post something soon.