Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daphne no longer has her own perch in the kitchen. We've tried a variety of models, but every time Max decides that she wants to wrap her own feet around the budgie perches. Fearing for Daphne's safety, we eliminated the budgie perches and instead place her somewhere close to us. Last night, I placed her on our fruit bowl. I thought she looked so pretty, framed by the apples.

Not wanting to jinx anything, I haven't written about Jeff Saturday lately. He is doing extremely well, and the two budgies have been allowed supervised visits together. We're pretty sure that he injured himself by flying into the TV (even though he is clipped) and then Daphne wouldn't let him rest on any flat surfaces to heal. (My supposition that he had a tumor was based on my experience with Lenny and, thankfully, it seems I jumped the gun there!) Jeff Saturday remains in his hospital tank until we can decide whether to put him in a separate cage or get them a much larger cage they can share.

Last night, we had popcorn for dessert. Mine was sitting on the counter, waiting for me to top it. Of course, Max had to come over and investigate. Here she is, looking at the popcorn (it's not exactly a "before" picture since you can see small popcorn pieces on the counter and around her beak):I love the way it looks like she's sizing up the food! And here she is, covered in popcorn pieces, and in the mess she made on the counter. You can also see some carrot pieces around her beak that she hadn't yet cleaned off. I have a very messy bird!


DweezelJazz said...

Am so glad to hear Jeff Saturday is doing well! :)

Mary said...

Thanks! They've been spending their days together and we've been separating them at night. I think we're going to get them a much bigger cage soon so they can live together all of the time. We are so relieved that he just had an injury and not an illness!