Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A parrot treat discovery

I get so excited when I make a discovery of a new treat or toy item that the parrots love. This happened last week. I ordered food from Parrotnutz, a company that makes home-baked items. I could not believe how much they all loved the food, especially the logs, nuggets, and squares. Even Thomas, who tends to be quite blase about new food, was impressed at how much they all loved these. After the first night, as soon as Rocky saw me with the logs, nuggest, and squares, he started making fake chewing noises, which means he wants some!

Beeps, enjoying his nugget. He wouldn't even drop it to make intimidating motions towards the camera -- you know it's got to be good!
My beautiful Calypso, eating his log, but still displaying for the camera (he doesn't usually look so puffy!)
Here's Max, the pickiest of the bunch, eyes pinning as she eats her log.
We also ordered some muffins, which they like OK, but I'm going to try a different type next time, and some mash. We got Summer Breeze Fruit Mash for the caiques, and Sweet Treat Mash for Rocky and Max. The caiques loves fruit, and Rocky and Max need more fat in their diet. Of course, they love the mash, and it's so easy to make! We have an electric kettle, so I boil some water, let their food steep, and then serve. Here's Rocky, enjoying his mash:

We're working on getting the budgies to eat their mash, but at this point, they still prefer fresh vegetables.

Anyway, our order from Parrotnutz was a resounding success! We received fantastic customer service, and the owner loves to customize the items that are baked fresh so that they will appeal to your birds. We highly recommend them and will be placing another order soon!

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